About Us

We are Board-certified cardiologists treating coronary artery disease, blocked arteries , congestive heart failure, valve disease, atrial fibrillation and Arrhythmia among many other cardiac problems. We have particular expertise and experience in preventing and treating vascular disease in  the entire body including the legs where  blocked vessels usually cause leg pain. We are a prime practice for treatment of vein disease including varicose veins edema, swelling, lymphedema and clots.  The venous compression syndromes causing swelling in one leg is a common, but rarely recognized by other doctors,  that we are expert at treating with a stent.  Most of our cardiac procedures are minimally invasive and performed in the out-patitent setting with less then 24 hour hospital stay.  The venous procedured are done in the office with ZERO downtime.

Our staff are hand picked who love their job and our patients.  Their boss is the patient and they will go the extra mile to help them and make sure they are served and satisfied.  They have been in the practice for many years and carry their pride and experience around.  Your well being is their first priority.  You will get to know them on first name basis and they will treat you like family, literally.

We just expanded our office in Dearborn to accomodate our expading services and increase our patient comfort.  We accept new patient and we understand that heart illness should not wait therefor we evaluate the urgent cases the same day or within 24 hour.  

We positioned out office location in the heart of our community because we feel that cardiovascular care should be personal and friendly and we are privileged to be a part of your health care team.