Excellent Cardiovascular Care


Carotid Artery Duplex 
Upper Extremity Arterial Duplex
Upper Extremity Venous Duplex 
Aortoiliac Duplex
Aortic Duplex (AAA Screen)
Renal Artery Duplex 
Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex
Lower Extremity Venous Duplex
Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)


# EKG 993000) 
# Holter / Event Monitor (932234)(932870) 
# Echocardiogram (93306) 
# Stress Echocardiogram 
# Treadmill Stress Test (93351) 
# Treadmill Cardiolite (78452) 
# Lexiscan Cardiolite (78452) 
# MUGA (Blood Pooling Imaging) (78472)


# Endovenous Radio frequency Ablation for leaking veins

# Venous Ablation Using Clarivein for leaking veins

# Venaseal (glue) for largge veins.  Does not require local anesthesia
# Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy / Varithena for branching veins
# Microphlebectomy for large bulging veins
# Liquid Sclerotherapy for small veins and spiders
# Veinwave (for Spider Veins)


Performed At:

  • Beaumont, Dearborn
  • Beaumont, Taylor
  • Beaumont, Trenton
  • Beaumont, Wayne
  • Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit


Cardiac Consultation

Vascular Consultation

Varicose Vein Consultation

All Cardiac and Vascular Testing

All Varicose Vein Procedures


Chronic Total Occlusion or CTO:  patients who have total obstruction of a coronary artery (heart vessel) are treated with medicine or bypass surgery in most traditional cardiology practices.  We open those vessels with angioplasty and stents by utilizing special technique with success rate of 94%.  George Nahhas. MD is the primary operator in this disease category.  Many lives have changed by undergoing this procedure.

Transe-Aortic Valve Replacement or TAVR: performed by Dr. Joseph Chattahi, is a replacement of the aortic valve through the femoral artery (groin) without needing open heart surgery is a service that many patients recieved with very high success rate and very low complication rate with improved the quality of life.

Watchman device iplantation in the left atrial appendage is performed by very few cardiologists in the country.  Joseph Chattahi, MD is one of the few in the country who perform it at Beaumont Dearborn hospital.

Venous disease management and treatment:  George Nahhas, MD is a national authority on venous insufficiency and lymphedema.  He has mastered the art of evaluating patients with edema, varicose veins, leg pain and venous clotting and compression.  His skills in managing all aspects of this field are exceptional.

Doctor Mancini is a very passionate about managing his patients with heart failure, atrial fibrillation and general cardiology ailments including coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation and valvular heart disease like mitral valve prolapse.  His personal touch has been a healing power for everyone who seeked his care.  He is a local authority in the area of echocardiography.